Hash Animation Master 11.1D

Hash Animation Master - is a complete technology solution for animation studios and small personal ispolzovaniya.A just having in your arsenal Raytrace, Globa Illumination, Caustic, system dynamic calculations of physical interactions - an excellent job with the creation of photo realistic images.

Very simple and quite popular package for creating animation. Includes everything that may need to work with models and thus has an intuitive interface.
Many of the ideological principles included in the package to date, have been introduced into other packages discharge Hi-End (eg Animation Mixer in XSI for non-linear animation exists in the AM with the first version).

In complete training videos, books (although in English, but quite understandable) and a few finished projects for development.

There is also a program-viewer to view projects.

Additional Information:
Many convenience AM still trying to implement in other packages (for example Decaling - convenient and precise application of textures to the surface models without exhausting their deployment, simple to nashlepyvaniem)

Under manufacturability AM means algorithm is a well-crafted cartoon or image. And this clarity and unique sequence of a technical process eliminates unnecessary manipulation, meditation on the intermediate stages and allows you to fully concentrate on work.

Apparent parsimony of means and instruments - is very sound of their optimality and universality.

AM - philosophical package. Originally conceived as a convenient tool for an artist - animator, he has a coherent ideology of the animation is different from other packages. One can only expect the AM why not spread in Russia, but being an example of a universal package for use in many educational institutions of America - AM has every possibility of such modern programs and occupies a specific niche in their standard packages.

The procedure for treatment:
After installing the program from folder Crack copy the files. Exe in the Programs folder. Then you can update patches from the primary site, but changed to a higher version will not work.

Program Title: Hash Animation Master
Program Version: 11.1D
The latest version of the program: 17
Language: English

Treatment: complete
Type of medicine: the replacement of files

System requirements:
Platform: Windows 2000, XP


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