How to TURN OFF your computer quickly?

You can create a shortcut by right click in desktop

  1. New
  2. shortcut
  3. In shortcut dialog Type “Shutdown –s –t 01”, see example bellow
    then click Next
  4. in next shortcut wizard type a name example “Shutdown”, but it will automatically show shutdown in box.
  5. Click Finish to terminate wizard
  6. now you will change the shortcut icon by right click on shortcut icon
    go to Properties and click change icon
  7. when you click the change icon button the message will appear follow the instruction by click OK button
  8. then select the turn off icon or else
  9. Click OK
  10. Click OK again
  11. Now the icon have changed
  12. You can drag it inside the QUICK LUNCH
  13. then delete the other shortcut icon in desktop.
  14. Now you can shutdown your computer just click direct to the icon in quick lunch on the tool bar.
  15. Let try it
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