Make your special effect on your own picture

Have you ever imagine your picture on the billboard installed in the city, or photos you become famous magazine covers that are read by a beautiful woman, or your photos are on display in an art gallery??.

If you do not control or photoimpact photoshop or others .. this is where the Photofunia .. done on-line, how very easy and convenient with just a few steps you have become an important person ...Prepare a close-up of the most handsome or the most beautiful .. definitely made the file size small, around a hundred kilobytes long to let no loadingnya.Run browser and go to photofunia wait a while to wait for the loading effect which will you choose.

Select / click one of the desired effect

Browse and select your image, click open

Wait a while and have become your fantasy picture ..

Click on Save to Disk to save your image to computer...
enjoy it...........

You can try other site like

just follow the instructions.....

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