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Terça-feira, 25 DE Janeiro DE 2011

English Grammar Advanced


Thanks vii
To the student viii
To the teacher ix
1 Present simple (I do) and present continuous (I am doing) (1)
2 Present simple (I do) and present continuous (I am doing) (2)
3 Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (1)
4 Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (2)
5 Present perfect (I have done) and past simple (I did) (3): adverbs used with these tenses
6 Past continuous (I was doing) and past simple (I did)
7 Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)
8 Present perfect continuous (I have been doing) and present perfect (I have done)
9 Past perfect (I had done) and past simple (I did)
10 Past perfect continuous (I had been doing) and past perfect (I had done)
The future
11 Will and going to; shall
12 Present continuous (I am doing) for the future and going to
13 Present simple (I do) for the future
14 Future continuous (will be doing)
15 Be to + infinitive (I am to do), future perfect (I will have done),
and future perfect continuous (I will have been doing)
16 The future seen from the past (was going to, etc.)
17 Should and ought to
18 Will and would: willingness, likelihood and certainty
19 Will and would: habits; used to
20 May, might, can and could: possibility (1)
21 May, might, can and could: possibility (2)
22 Can, could, and be able to: ability
23 Must and have (got) to
24 Need(n't), don't have to and mustn't
25 Permission, offers, etc.
Be, have, do, make, etc.
26 Linking verbs: be, appear, seem; become, get, etc.
27 Have and have got; have and take
28 Do and make
29 Forming passive sentences
30 Using passives
31 Verb + -ing or to-infinitive: passive forms
32 Reporting with passive verbs
33 Forming questions; reporting questions
34 Asking and answering negative questions
35 Wh-questions with how, what, which and who
Verbs: infinitives, -ing forms, etc.
36 Verbs with and without objects
37 Verb + to-infinitive or bare infinitive
38 Verb + to-infinitive or -ing?
39 Verb + -ing
40 Verb + wh-clause
41 Have/get something done; want something done, etc.
42 Verb + two objects
43 Reporting people's words and thoughts
44 Reporting statements (1): that-clauses
45 Reporting statements (2): verb tense in that-clauses
46 Reporting statements (3): verb tense in the reporting clause; say and tell; etc.
47 Reporting offers, suggestions, orders, intentions, etc.
48 Should in that-clauses
49 Modal verbs in reporting
Nouns and compounds
50 Countable and uncountable nouns
51 Agreement between subject and verb (1)
52 Agreement between subject and verb (2)
53 The possessive form of nouns (Jane's mother)
54 Compound nouns (1)
55 Compound nouns (2)
56 A/an and one
57 The and a/an (1):'the only one'
58 The and a/an (2): 'things already known', etc.
59 Some and zero article with plural and uncountable nouns
60 The, zero article and a/an: 'things in general'
61 People and places
62 Holidays, times of the day, meals, etc.
Determiners and quantifiers
63 Some and any; something, somebody, etc.
64 Much (of), many (of), a lot of, lots (of), etc.
65 All (of), the whole (of), both (of)
66 Each (of), every, and all
67 No, none (of), and not any
68 Few, a few (of), little, a little (of), etc.
69 Quantifiers with and without 'of (some/some of; any/any of; etc.)
Relative clauses and other types of clause
70 Relative clauses (1) (The girl who I was talking about.)
71 Relative clauses (2) (Tom, who is only six, can speak three languages.)
72 Relative clauses (3): other relative pronouns
73 Relative clauses (4): prepositions in relative clauses
74 Participle clauses (-ing, -ed and being + -ed)
75 Participle clauses with adverbial meaning
Pronouns, substitution and leaving out words
76 Reflexive pronouns: herself, himself, themselves, etc.
77 One and ones (There's my car - the green one.)
78 So (I think so; so I hear)
79 Do so; such
80 Leaving out words after auxiliary verbs
81 Leaving out to-infinitives (She didn't want to (go).)
82 Adjectives: position (1)
83 Gradable and ungradable adjectives; position (2)
84 Adjectives and adverbs
85 Participle adjectives (the losing ticket; the selected winners)
86 Prepositions after adjectives: afraid of/for, etc.
87 Adjectives + that-clause or to-infinitive
88 Comparison with adjectives (1): -er/more...; enough, sufficiently, too; etc.
89 Comparison with adjectives (2): as...as; so...as to; etc.
Adverbs and conjunctions
90 Position of adverbs
91 Adverbs of place, indefinite frequency, and time
92 Degree adverbs: very, too, extremely, quite, etc.
93 Comment adverbs; viewpoint adverbs; focus adverbs
94 Adverbial clauses of time (1): verb tense; before and until; hardly, etc.
95 Adverbial clauses of time (2): as, when and while
96 Giving reasons: as, because, because of, etc.; for and with
97 Purposes and results: in order to, so as to, etc.
98 Contrasts: although and though; even though/if; in spite of and despite
99 Conditional sentences (1): verb tenses
100 Conditional sentences (2)
101 If...not and unless; if and whether, etc.
102 After waiting..., before leaving..., besides owning..., etc.
103 Connecting ideas between and within sentences
104 At, in and on: prepositions of place
105 Across, along, over and through; above, over, below and under
106 Between, among; by, beside, etc.
107 At, in and on: prepositions of time
108 During, for, in, over, and throughout; by and until
109 Except (for), besides, apart from and but for
110 About and on; by and with
111 Prepositions after verbs (1)
112 Prepositions after verbs (2)
113 Prepositions after verbs (3)
114 Two- and three-word verbs: word order
Organising information
115 There is, there was, etc.
116 It... (1)
117 It... (2)
118 Focusing: it-clauses and what-clauses
119 Inversion (1)
120 Inversion (2)
Appendix 1 Passive verb forms 242
Appendix 2 Quoting what people think or what they have said 243
Appendix 3 Irregular verbs 244
Appendix 4 Typical errors and corrections 246
Glossary 265
Additional exercises 269
Study guide 280
Key to exercises 289
Key to Additional exercises 325
Key to Study guide 329
Index 330


Download pdf file here

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Terça-feira, 25 DE Janeiro DE 2011

English Grammar Intermediate (Second Edition)

English Grammar in Use
A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students
Raymond Murphy
Second Edition


Thanks vii
To the student viii
To the teacher ix
Present and past
1 Present continuous (I am doing)
2 Present simple (I do)
3 Present continuous and present simple (1) (I am doing and I do)
4 Present continuous and present simple (2) (I am doing and I do)
5 Past simple (I did)
6 Past continuous (I was doing)
Present perfect and past
7 Present perfect (1) (I have done)
8 Present perfect (2) (I have done)
9 Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)
10 Present perfect continuous and simple (I have been doing and I have done)
11 How long have you (been) ...?
12 When ...? and How long ...? For and since
13 Present perfect and past (1) (I have done and I did)
14 Present perfect and past (2) (I have done and I did)
15 Past perfect (I had done)
16 Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)
17 Have and have got
18 Used to (do)
19 Present tenses (I am doing/I do) for the future
20 (I'm) going to (do)
21 Will/shall (1)
22 Will/shall (2)
23 I will and I'm going to
24 Will be doing and will have done
25 When I do/When I've done When and if
26 Can, could and (be) able to
27 Could (do) and could have (done)
28 Must and can't
29 May and might (1)
30 May and might (2)
31 Must and have to
32 Must mustn't needn't
33 Should (1)
34 Should (2)
35 Had better It's time ...
36 Can/Could/Would you ...? etc. (Requests, offers, permission and invitations)
Conditionals and 'wish'
37 If I do ... and If I did ...
38 If I knew ... I wish I knew ...
39 If I had known ... I wish I had known ...
40 Would I wish ... would
41 Passive (1) (is done/was done)
42 Passive (2) (be/been/being done)
43 Passive (3)
44 It is said that ... He is said to ... (be) supposed to ...
45 Have something done
Reported speech
46 Reported speech (1) (He said that ...
47 Reported speech (2)
Questions and auxiliary verbs
48 Questions (1)
49 Questions (2) (Do you know where ...? I She asked me where ...
50 Auxiliary verbs (have/do/can etc.) I think so I hope so etc.
51 Question tags (do you? isn't it? etc.)
~ing and the infinitive
52 Verb + ~ing (enjoy doing/stop doing etc.)
53 Verb + to ... (decide to do/forget to do etc.)
54 Verb + (object) + to ... (I want (you) to do etc.)
55 Verb + ~ing or to ... (1) (remember/regret etc.)
56 Verb + ~ing or to ... (2) (try/need/help)
57 Verb + ~ing or to ... (3) (like/would like etc.)
58 Prefer and would rather
59 Preposition (in/for/about etc.) + ~ing
60 Be/get used to something (I'm used to ...
61 Verb + preposition + ~ing (succeed in ~ing/accuse somebody of ~ing etc.)
62 Expressions + ~ing
63 To ... for ... and so that ... (purpose)
64 Adjective + to ...
65 To ... (afraid to do) and preposition + ~ing (afraid of ~ing)
66 See somebody do and see somebody doing
67 ~ing clauses (Feeling tired, I went to bed early.)
Articles and nouns
68 Countable and uncountable nouns (1)
69 Countable and uncountable nouns (2)
70 Countable nouns with a/an and some
71 A/an and the
72 The (1)
73 The (2) (School/the school)
74 The (3) (Children/the children)
75 The (4) (The giraffe/the telephone/the piano etc.; the + adjective)
76 Names with and without the (1)
77 Names with and without the (2)
78 Singular and plural
79 Noun + noun (a tennis ball/a headache etc.)
80 -'s (the girl's name) and of ... (the name of the book)
Pronouns and determiners
81 A friend of mine My own house On my own/by myself
82 Myself/yourself/themselves etc.
83 There ... and it ...
84 Some and any
85 No/none/any
86 Much, many, little, few, a lot, plenty
87 All/all of most/most of no/none of etc.
88 Both/both of neither/neither of either/either of
89 All, every and whole
90 Each and every
Relative clauses
91 Relative clauses (1)-clauses with who/that/which
92 Relative clauses (2)-clauses with or without who/that/which
93 Relative clauses (3)-whose/whom/where
94 Relative clauses (4)-'extra information' clauses (1)
95 Relative clauses (5)-'extra information' clauses (2)
96 ~ing and -ed clauses (the woman talking to Tom, the boy injured in the accident)
Adjectives and adverbs
97 Adjectives ending in ~ing and -ed (boring/bored etc.)
98 Adjectives: word order (a nice new house) Adjectives after verbs (You look tired)
99 Adjectives and adverbs (1) (quick/quickly)
100 Adjectives and adverbs (2) (well/fast/late, hard/hardly)
101 So and such
A. Enough and too
103 Quite and rather
104 Comparison (1)-cheaper, more expensive etc.
105 Comparison (2)
106 Comparison (3)-as ... as than
107 Superlatives-the longest/the most enjoyable etc.
108 Word order (1)-verb + object; place and time
109 Word order (2)-adverbs with the verb
110 Still, yet and already Any more/any longer no longer
111 Even
Conjunctions and prepositions
112 Although/though/even though In spite of despite
113 In case
114 Unless As long as and provided/providing
115 As (reason and time)
116 Like and as
117 As if
118 For, during and while
119 By and until By the time ...
120 At/on/in (time)
121 On time/in time At the end in the end
122 Wat/on (place) (1)
123 In/at/on (place) (2)
124 In/at/on (place) (3)
125 To/at/in/into
126 On/in/at (other uses)
127 By
128 Noun + preposition (reason for, cause of etc.)
129 Adjective + preposition (1)
130 Adjective + preposition (2)
131 Verb + preposition (1) at and to
132 Verb + preposition (2) about/for/of/after
133 Verb + preposition (3) about and of
134 Verb + preposition (4) of/for/from/on
135 Verb + preposition (5) in/into/with/to/on
136 Phrasal verbs (get up/break down/fill in etc.)
Appendix 1 Regular and irregular verbs 274
Appendix 2 Present and past tenses 276
Appendix 3 The future 277
Appendix 4 Modal verbs (can/could/will/would etc.) 278
Appendix 5 Short forms (I'm/you've/didn't etc.) 279
Appendix 6 Spelling 280
Appendix 7 American English 282
Additional exercises 284
Study guide 301
Key to Exercises 310
Key to Additional exercises 340
Key to Study guide 343
Index 344


Download PDF file here

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Quinta-feira, 21 DE Outubro DE 2010

Ubuntu Netbook

Ho mudansa tempo ba tempo, agora iha ona produto teknolojia barak nebe empresa bobot sira produs liu-liu konaba Komputador, Laptop, Netbook, nebe kompatibel ho sistema operativu (Operating System) nebe diak hodi ita bele halo asesu ba internet, dokumentos, no seluk tan. I nune bele halo kliente barak mak iha hakarak atu sosa sira nia produto.

ok, lalika koalia barak tan ona!

Iha ne hau atu koalia ituan konaba Sistema operativu Ubuntu Netbook. Tanba agora dadaun Netbook mak barak liu, hodi fasilita kliente sira atu bele asesu ba internet, hanesan, rede sosial/social networking: facebook, twitter, myspace, etc, no chat hanesan YM (yahoo Messenger), Skype, Gtalk, etc. Ubuntu Netbook mak sai prioridade ba ita hodi instala ita nia Netbook ho Sistema Operativu ida ne. Iha neba mos sei iha feature ida kona ba portable, ita bele teste ubuntu netbook liu husi USB pen (nia tips sira ne iha hotu neba).

Tnba saida mak ita hili liu ubuntu netbook?







Fasil Atu Uja (suporta GUI (Graphic User Interface)  nebe simples.





hetan asesu ba rede sosial fasilmente hanesan Facebook ho Twitter

Email ho Chat. Email ho Evolusaun no integra ita boot nia Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL no QQ..



Bele instala software hotu nebe ita hakarak.

Musica Streaming ba iha telefone,,,

Aplikasaun ba Imajen (adit ita boot nia foto rasik hodi bele hatama ba iha rede sosial hanesan Facebook, nsst)

Descobre Ubuntu One

Kaptura, play no edit ita nia video

Hili jogos liu husi 100

Asesibilidade iha ubuntu








mak ne det review kona ba Netbook Ubuntu. se kolega sira iha interesse hodi atu download, nia link mak ne, Download Ubuntu Netbook




source: http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/

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